BOX’NGO – What is it and why you should be using it

BOX’NGO is a unique buying, selling, and trading platform because at the present time, we only allow students that have .EDU email addresses to register to use the platform. Many people have asked, why? What makes BOX’NGO good for students versus anyone else?

BOX’NGO solves a very critical need that we encountered as college students. Namely, the online buying and selling marketplace just wasn’t that friendly. There’s eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Craigslist as avenues of selling things we have. However, if I want to sell to someone I know or make a trade, none of those websites accommodate the task easily.

  • BOX’NGO allows students to trade with other students in their same school. This means that instead of just offering $100 for Item A, you can now trade Item B + $100 for Item A.
  • BOX’NGO lets you get paid online, so you lessen your chances of being scammed. Users simply pay online using their credit or debit card information, and we funnel 90% of the funds straight to your Paypal account or via Check after your item is delivered. This helps mediate any problems and issues buyers and sellers may have with the trade, as well as helps protect both parties.
  • BOX’NGO allows freedom. You can pay in cash, make a trade, and pay online.
  • BOX’NGO lets you sell remotely. Instead of having to meet fellow students, you can now collect payments online and ship the item off without having to meet in person for situations where it’s not convenient.

These are just some of the reasons we believe you will find BOX’NGO not only useful, but also incredibly helpful in buying, selling, and trading with your fellow students.